New Record Out

August 11, 2014

RabbitsssCover-smI just released a new record by ‘Rabbitsss‘ called Penguins. It’s a collaboration between Rae Howell and myself. We’ve been working on the record since 2005 I believe so we’re excited to finally have it released. It’s available at:

CD’s are also available at Amazon or from us directly.

Penguins is a study in pulsating electronic, that type that lives through the imaginary, imperfect strings of organic (the percussive instruments) and the discrete charm of synthetic sound. The resulting balance is a delicate texture suspended between a colorful rendition of the rigors of contemporary music (Steve Reich, Terry Riley) and ambient pop (Stereolab, above all), that somehow manages to retain a playful tone, slightly clouded by a few melancholic lines.- Pop Matters

Penguins unspools in bright calm clarity, its overlapping marimba, vibraphone and keyboard motifs locking and interlocking like colored puzzle pieces, its hiccuping percussion delineating rhythms with crayon-emphatic precision. Howell is responsible for motif and melody; she carries the tune with a variety of percussive and keyboard instruments. Cohrs manipulates the sound electronically and adds the samples that both ground and distance these compositions. The real world, heard in glitch-stuttering beats, faraway voices and odd sounds, is indistinct behind a scrim. – Dusted Magazine

Catch us on BBC Radio 3 with Nick Luscombe
Also catch us on WNYC’s New Sounds.

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Corporate Avoidance

May 01, 2014

Corporate Avoidance is a new software we’re releasing that acts as a fake rending screen and animated gif launcher.Corporate Avoidance - dog gif

Corporate Avoidance is a free program we designed for use with Final Cut Pro, to unshackle you from your workstation by taking advantage to the necessary evils of life as an editor. It works by loading screenshots and animated gifs to make your computer look like it’s busy rendering, so you can take your sweet time to take a walk in the sun to that place that makes the good sandwiches, or pull the plug on a client who insists on sitting-in until the cows come home!

It’s great for students, too — make your reserved lab computer look busy ‘rendering’ so that no one uses it while you run downstairs for a Snapple!

Whenever you need a break, simply launch Corporate Avoidance and walk away as your computer “Renders” for however long you would like. In fact, you can even create your own presets by making screen shots of your monitor, and entering the “project name” you want to be busy “Rendering.” Or make you’re own animated gif’s as you sneak out to walk your dog.



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Oscar Nominated “Nebraska”

February 01, 2014


In addition to my art stuff, some of you  know that I also run an audio mastering studio called, Bear Call Mastering.

One of the recent projects I worked on was the sound track to “Nebraska” a film by Alexander Payne. The sound track was written by Mark Orton and is really phenomenal. If you haven’t seen the film, check it out while it’s still in the theatre. It’s beautifully shot and the black & white landscapes are worth seeing on in their own right. It’s exciting to see that the film is up for several Oscars.

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Exhibit at Contemporary Museum of Art, Puerto Rico

January 18, 2014

Poetic Science

I’m showing a project in an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Puerto Rico. The opening is February 6th in San Juan, PR.

All of the work is from a residency with the National Forest Service in El Yunque National Park,PR. The exhibition includes a  great selection of work from artists and scientists.

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Upcoming Shows

August 25, 2013

It’s the end of the summer when new students begin wandering around my neighborhood congregating around coffee shops, I’m busy working on class syllabus’s and will be teaching at the Pratt Institute this fall.

I’m also in two shows in the next few weeks. The first is a small faculty show at Pratt opening on Monday, August 26th. The opening is from 6-8pm.

The second show is in Colorado called Systems + Subversions together with a couple of artists I greatly admire like Marina Zurkow, and Scott Johnson. The opening is Thursday, September 12th, at 6pm at the I.D.E.A. Space, and the following day I will be in discussion with Philosophy professor Marion Hourdequin at 4:30pm on Friday, September 13th at Colorado College.

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NYSCA Individual Artist Grant

May 13, 2013

nysca_logoI was awarded a New York State Council on the Arts grant for 2013. I was notified around the holidays the grant actually arrived in the mail a week ago. I’m excited to be able to use the grant money to continue working a film about the New Jersey Meadowlands. We did two separate expeditions so far and we have one more coming up later this summer to finish off production. Post production will take place in the fall. More to come over the coming months. very excited.
Filming before flood

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Radio Kaikukatu 92,2 fm Helsinki

November 28, 2012

We just launched Radio Kaikukukatu 92,2 FM in Helsinki. We’re broadcasting from the top of KuvA / Finnish Acadamy of Fine Arts. Live radio is broadcasting now and MFA final projects broadcast tomorrow (11/29/12) at 2pm. Helsinki Tune In!


This is part of a class I’m teaching at KUVA called Wandering Methodologies that explores various forms of public engagement on the airwaves, online and in public. 


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RISD Presentation on Reframing the Real

November 06, 2012

I’m giving a presentation at The Rhode Island School of Design this Friday November 9th at 6:30pm, CIT 103, in Providence RI.
I’ll be talk about some previous work and also talking about my on going film project called The Spice Trade Expedition. I’ll be showing some of the new footage from the trip.

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DW Television show on Urban Prospector

November 02, 2012

Here’s a Deutsche Welle Television show about a project I did in 2009 called the Urban Prospector. The show also includes a great project by Andrea Polli, and Blast Theory. Urban Prospector starts at 1:57.

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Foreign Bodies – World Beat Radio

July 01, 2012

Here’s a new interview with Morgan Levy and myself on our project, Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt. Our interview is about 10 minutes long and goes into depth about some aspects of the project that we’ve never talked about before. We’re about 30 minutes into the show, or you can listen to the whole episode which has three other great stories about hookworms, DDT, and the arctic.

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Surface Tension Exhibition

June 02, 2012

Two projects of mine, All-Salt and Spice Trade Expedition, are part of the Surface Tension exhibition at Eyebeam curated by Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin.

Its a great exhibition and will be running from May 30th until August 12th. Here’s a nice write up that mentions All-Salt in the NY Times and on WNYC’s Studio 360.

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New Art/Science Affinities Book Release

October 25, 2011

New Art/Science Affinities by Andrea Grover, Régine Debatty, Claire Evans and Pablo Garcia, has a section about one of my projects, The Urban Prospector. The book focuses on artists working at the intersection of art, science and technology, was produced by a collaborative authoring process known as a “book sprint.” Derived from “code sprinting,” a method in which software developers gather in a single room to work intensely on an open source project for a certain period of time, the term book sprint describes the quick, collective writing of a topical book.

“New Art/Science Affinities” (2011, 8.5×11 inches, 190 pages, perfect-bound paperback, 232 full-color illustrations) is available for purchase ($45.75) through print-on-demand service Lulu, or for free download via the Miller Gallery website (

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