AUDiNT : The Dead Record Office

16 Jun ’11

AUDiNT: Dead Record Office
June 17–July 23, 2011

Opening this Friday , June 17th, at Art In General.
79 Walker Street | New York, NY 10013

Art in General is pleased to present Dead Record Office, a New Commission project by AUDiNT. The researchers currently active within the AUDiNT research cell are Jon Cohrs(, Toby Heys( and Steve Goodman(, whose combined practices include music production and performance, sonic installation, academic research, and writing. For their first exhibition in New York, AUDiNT have produced a multi-sensory installation which brings together a number of their research techniques, softwares, sound systems, and archives for the first time; a culmination of decades worth of investigative analysis into the trans-historical orchestration of the soundscape.

In short, it’s a show about sonic warfare with several custom built tools that explores theories surrounding hauntology and the history of sound used as a tool for deceit.

We’ve written our own software that you can download to embed research and other sound files onto of bittorrents to use viral dynamics as an archive. GhostCoder

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