Berlin Micro-Turf Expedition

12 Mar ’10

As part of the Urban Wilderness Action Center, Myriel Milicevic + Jon Cohrs are organizing the Berlin Micro-Turf Expedition. With a team of self-defined experts (you), we will survey parking lot ecosystems, abandoned infrastructures, trade routes, and micro habitats of Berlin by dissecting the fringe-ecologies within the city.
The expedition will report back live to the ElectroSmog festival with its band of specialists who will setup up camp in several different areas in Berlin.
Using a methodology that analyzes ecological succession the expedition will collect samples, map wildlife, illustrate the topography, detect seismographic data, and observe the micro-climates to create scientific models of future urban habitats.

Please join our expedition on March 20th and let us know what expertise you would like to contribute. We’re looking for documentarians, anthropologists, photographers, seismologists, illustrators, micro-climate inspectors, ornithologists, soil tasters, and other expertise.

We will begin the expedition at 2pm on March 20th.
Electrosmog Festival Streaming will be from 7pm.


Köpenicker Str. 36-38
10179 Berlin

Let me know if you’re interesting in joining us! -jc

This is project is part of the Urban Wilderness Action Center. UWAC will be staging events in Berlin, London, Amsterdam and New York City. The first event will be the Berlin Micro-Turf Expedition then events in Amsterdam + London, followed by 6 events in New York City at the Eyebeam Atelier.

UWAC has been conceived of as part of ElectroSmog, a new, three-day, international festival that will introduce and explore of concept of “Sustainable Immobility”: a critique of current systems of hyper mobility of people and products in travel and transport, and their ecological unsustainability.

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