One iteration of this project called “moss bombs” was included in the Experimenta Design 2008 Show in Amsterdam.

AK47’s and grenades are powerful images and symbols; symbols of revolt, but also symbols of violence and death. They represent the worst things that we are capable of creating: objects to destroy one-another, inflict pain and suffering, and ultimately end life. This iconic intensity can be harnessed to represent a similar warfare and intensity against the urban landscape in a clash with wilderness.

From 1945 until 1995 there were an estimated 90 – 120 million AK47’s manufactured. This far surpasses the production of any other weapon. For much of the middle east, their common place has become akin to that of a household appliance, to others they are a symbol of resistance, and to others they symbolize terrorism.

Using an iconic weapon such as an AK47, the user can send bursts of ivy seeds against run-down urban areas that will then grow over buildings, thereby mimicking the ability of nature to reclaim areas. The first weapon is a (non-militaristic) AK47 paint-ball gun modified to shoot pellets in which the casing contains an invasive English Ivy seed, some liquid adhesive, and a small absorbent sponge. Within the several weeks following an attack, the urban space will become overgrown with an invasive species of English Ivy – a plant that has proven itself as a strong urban plant for the New York City environment. (a prototype can be seen

What is equally important is how the weapons are used. By attacking small urban areas to created liberated zones, I intend to deploy tactics similar to the highly influential book by Mao Tse- Tung, “On Guerrila Warfare”,

Images of Growth and Revolt:

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Early prototype:

AK47 Seed Weapons

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