Corporate Avoidance is a new software we’re releasing that acts as a fake rending screen and animated gif launcher.Corporate Avoidance - dog gif

Tired of eating lunch at your desk?

Corporate Avoidance is a free program we designed for use with Final Cut Pro, to unshackle you from your workstation by taking advantage to the necessary evils of life as an editor. It works by loading screenshots and animated gifs to make your computer look like itโ€™s busy rendering, so you can take your sweet time to take a walk in the sun to that place that makes the good sandwiches, or pull the plug on a client who insists on sitting-in until the cows come home!

Itโ€™s great for students, too โ€” make your reserved lab computer look busy โ€˜renderingโ€™ so that no one uses it while you run downstairs for a Snapple!

Whenever you need a break, simply launch Corporate Avoidance and walk away as your computer “Renders” for however long you would like. In fact, you can even create your own presets by making screen shots of your monitor, and entering the “project name” you want to be busy “Rendering.” Or make you’re own animated gif’s as you sneak out to walk your dog.



Corporate Avoidance | 2014 | Projects