The De-Berlusconizer has launched a new show removing further references of the Italian media hog.

From Domenico Quaranta :
“The DEberlusconiZER is proud to announce DE_ZER Vol. 3, the third of a series of exhibitions in which some contemporary artists are invited to give a new meaning to the informational space โ€œliberatedโ€ย from the unwieldy presence of the Italian Prime Minister. Every show includes three works by three different artists and lasts ten days, in an unprecedented adaptation of the codes of street art and public art to the online environment.
From May 16 to May 25, 2011, three works will alternate randomly into this public space: Offresi piazze italiane per aspiranti rivoluzionari, by Maddalena Fragnito; Your Face Here, by Les Liens Invisibles; and The bigger a manโ€™s gun the smaller his doodlewick, by Jon Cohrs.”

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