The GhostCoder is an encryption utility, design for the Sonic Weapons Research Collective AUDiNT used to embed sound files or spoken text files within flac music files using spectral analysis to encode the research beyond the listeners hearing range. This information piggybacks on top of popular music files and torrents without being noticed, thus creating a networked distribution as an archival method of important information. The information or the torrent stream can then be decoded with the GhostCoder to yield the embedded information. The GhostCoder is intended to use viral dynamics as an archiving tool to ensure important data stays within the public domain.

Download the Ghostcoder application by clicking on the ghostcoder icon or at MacUpdate. At this time it is only comptible with Snow Leopard. Writen by Jon Cohrs and Justin BlinderMacUpdate

AUDiNT’s embeded research, download and re-seed. Each decade is embeded into a different record. Use the ghostcoder to decode the research. D/L and Re-Seed plz. You can also find our research by googling “[AUDiNT]”

GhostCoder | 2011 | Projects