ReMarshing is a project by Myriel Millicevic and Jon Cohrs. It was created at Timelab in Ghent Belgium.

Belgium and the Netherlands have a long history of slowly draining the wetlands on which it is founded. ReMarshing is a processes of bring the land back to its previous state while also cleaning the water of its toxins by planting remediation plants within the wetland to remove the metals and other toxins.

We created a wetland water wheel that is powered by the wind. The windwheel spins and powers a water wheel that dumps canal water back on to the land. The water floods the land attempting to recreate wetlands. In front of the wetland waterwheel we planted remediation plants such as poplar, rap seed, willow, and other grasses.

ReMarshing: Wasteland to Wetlands | 2011 | Featured Work, Projects